Level-up is the first thing to do when you put your steps into the Eastern. Here are some tips to make leveling up easier! Let’s check it out!

1.Main and Sub TasksEdit

Follow the main task to go through the guide. You will learn a lot about the game from the guide and main tasks. Different systems will be turned on in different level. You will need to complete several tasks in order to turn some of the systems on. If you are running out of main tasks, try completing the sub tasks!


Meditation opens in level 27 Press “Collect” to collect the accumulative experience in meditation ball.

Meditation ball collects experience as time goes by. The collection will stop once it reaches the max. You may increase your max experience capacity by leveling up your VIP level. Completing the quests beside gives you extra experience. It is a must to complete them every day!


3.Daily TasksEdit

After leveling-up to lv. 36 and passing the corresponding tasks, the daily task system will be turned on. You can go to “Task” -> click on “Daily” to find the daily task system.
Roll the dice to start a daily task. The higher number you rolled, the more progress it will fill in the bar. You may claim a “Daily Big Package” when your progress bar reaches certain amount. You have 10 free daily tasks every day. If you want to do more daily tasks, you may purchase 10 more by clicking the “+” sign. You may do up to 20 daily tasks each day.
Each daily task gives you an amount of experience depending on the number of stars it has. You may click “5-star” to get a 5-star daily task and get 3 times more experience after completing the task!

4.Experience InstanceEdit

Experience instance opens when your character reaches level 40. You will gain a great amount of experience by passing the instance.

To find the experience instance, press “Instance” -> click “EXP. Instance” -> select a level to start!

You may open one chest for free and one chest for 50 golds every time you pass the instance. The paid one gives you a lot more, of course.


Beelzebub opens when your character reaches level 43. You may enter the Beelzebub interface by clicking “Devil” on the top.
There is a chance to find a Beelzebub when you pass an instance or pass a stage. Different Beelzebub gives you different amount of rewards. The merit rewards before level 60 gives you a great amount of experience pill. Consume them to level-up!

6.Level RewardsEdit

Don’t forget to collect your level rewards. They are very helpful! Go to “Reward” -> and click on “Level”. If the character reaches the levels listed, the character may claim the rewards.