Lancers use lances as their weapons. Wearing heavy armors, swinging lances like storms, they are the unbeatable melee fighters.

They are great tanks that always stand in the front to take all the damage. It is easy to control with great abilities. When upgrading lancers, players should focus on HP, defense and AP defense to make them strong tanks. If player adds some ATK attributes, the lancer will become a true battle machine that no enemy can defeat.

Attack: ★★★
Defense: ★★★★
Skills Tyrannical Pike Style [Self-brought skill] Dancing with the lance, dealing 8 waves of 35% ATK damage.
Rampage Dashing forward, pushing the enemies who got hit and stun them, and dealing 5 waves of 50% ATK damage.
Naga Style Swinging the spear to the back with right hand and grab the dragon head with left hand, knocking the enemies away, and dealing 5 waves of 70% ATK damage.
Total Annihilation Placing the lance across the waist, use the power of two arms and spin, dealing 13 waves of 60% ATK damage.
Storm Sweeping the enemy into the air, dealing 9 waves of 95% ATK Damage, increase additional 30 ATK damage for each level.
Golden Protection Spinning the spear around the body, increase the defense by 50% for 5 seconds.
Dragon’s Howl Scrolling the enemies into the air, dealing 18 waves of 120% damage.
Smash of Twisted Spear Spinning the lance to protect self and dash forward to knock away the enemies.
Smash of Dragon Jumping into the air and smashing on the ground, creating multiple explosions and knock up the enemies in the range.
Force of Tiger Releasing the inner power to protect self and nearby allies, defense increases for a while.